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Belt Conveyors, over land conveyors up to 20,000 tons/hour capacity, pipe conveyors up to 2,000 tons/hour capacity, plates and buckets, redlers, feeders, silos extractors, hoppers, scrapers, screw conveyors enclosed conveyors, pneumatic conveyors metallic feeders Apron Feeders, others.

Special Machines

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Continuos, mechanic or pneumatic loaders and shiploaders for ships, barges, trucks and railway cars, fixed tower shiploaders up to 2,000 tons/hour, traveling shiploaders, stackers up to 2,000 tons/hour, reclaimers up to 400 tons/hour..

Environment solutions such as safety against explosion, fire, shop maintenance, operator health in bulk material handling and processing plants.

TMSA has a specialized department with skilled team of professionals dedicated to the development and research of practical and economic trends for industrial installations, providing a higher added value and the optimizing equipments efficiency.

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