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Since 1966, TMSA was dedicated to the production of machines and equipment for milling and storage facilities. However, its product line soon included equipment for conveying and preparing bulk material, as cement, minerals (coal, ashes, phosphate rocks, limestone, etc.), at highest flows at Brazilian market.

With a 32,000 sqm industrial plant area, built up on an 80,000 sqm area, it is able to develop top products and services, as a result of continuous technological upgrading and designing by its skilled engineering team.
Nowadays, after more than 4 decades of activities, TMSA always seeks for practical solutions and the specific needs of its Customers, and is one of the most important suppliers of equipment and projects for facilities on turn-key basis, all over the Brazilian as well as Mercosul countries. The Company has designed and supplied conveyors for iron ore up to 20,000 TPH capacity and besides several supplying for Brazilian and off-shore port terminals, TMSA is recognized high rated, due to the quality and robustness of the deployed systems.
For mining, coal and cement market, iron ore has got a bigger part, together with equipment for open ground coal handling and for deep underground mines. TMSA is presenting a prominent participation in other market segments, like: handling and conveying of coal, wood chips, and recently alumina and bauxite, in addition to waste or other energy alternative materials for industrial plants.
Its Electroeletronics Division operates in the areas of electricity distribution and control, supervision and industrial automation.


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