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Since 1966, TMSA was dedicated to the production of machines and equipment for milling and storage facilities. However, its product line soon included equipment for conveying and preparing bulk material, as cement, minerals (coal, ashes, phosphate rocks, limestone, etc.), at highest flows at Brazilian market.



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To provide mechatronic solutions with low environmental impact and higher perceived value for safe handling of and products and processing of materials from a different set of technologies, systems and employees, creating value with sustainability.


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By 2016, be one of the best companies to work in Rio Grande do Sul State, be benchmark in Mercosur and work globally through partnerships in innovative and customized solutions for bulk handling, have a relevant participation in the Oil and Gas sector, maintaining superior and sustainable economic performance.


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• Credibility as a basis for our relationships;
• Commitment to corporate performance - higher growth and profitability as principles of sustainability;
• Satisfaction of customers by accepting challenges and meeting the agreed requirements;

Quality Policy

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Attend the needs and expectations of our customers, employees, shareholders and community through innovation and continuous improvement of our process, solutions, products and services.

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